Stadium Silver Cloud Hotel

Seattle, WA

Stadium Silver Cloud Hotel is located within the Pioneer Square Historic Review District and immediately across the street from Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners baseball team.

Bumgardner worked closely with the City of Seattle and structural engineers Swenson Say Faget to avoid high-rise code issues by keeping the structure below the 75’ high-rise height limit, while still squeezing nine floors within the 75’ limit. The result was a steel frame bearing wall structure with a remarkably shallow composite concrete deck floor system.

Resolving the Mariner Ownership concerns that the hotel would block mountain and Sound views from the ball park, Bumgardner proposed the win –win solution of placing an outdoor rooftop swimming pool and deck at the building corner that would have otherwise blocked views. Guests have terrific views of the mountains and Sound, as well as into Mariner’s Stadium. Fans have something interesting to look at during slow play.

The 210 room hotel was built in the former tide flats of Elliot bay, where only one floor of below grade parking can be placed above the water table. Another floor of valet parking sits above the street level, but is virtually indiscernible from the exterior.

“If you’re a Seattle Mariners baseball fan, there is no better place in town to stay than here; this hotel is directly across the street from Safeco Field. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, this hotel is a great choice for its beautiful, modern rooms. Families, take note: This is one of the few hotels in the area that has a swimming pool, and best of all, it’s outside on a rooftop deck.”

~ Frommer’s online review