Understanding Project Goals

We work closely with our clients to truly understand their project goals. Our best work comes with a shared vision, values and commitment to collaboration. Together, we explore design options that evolve from initial visions into inspired results.

We revel in the unexpected, the loophole and the twist. We continually ask questions, listen to feedback and then ask more questions. From start to finish, on all our projects, our entire team contributes their ideas, their energy and their passion.

Design is never linear and we relish the indirect path and active participation it takes to create something extraordinary.

Designing Enduring Spaces

Bumgardner considers the practical and the outlandish, the fundamental and the fantastic.

We celebrate the art and science of architecture with creative solutions that are both innovative and well grounded. Our approach requires that we are always forward thinking, keeping a pulse on emerging trends while capitalizing on tested solutions.

We’re always looking to define spaces in unexpected ways. The result is projects of enduring value and vitality.

Crafting Human Interactions

Our work is driven by community. Ensuring our designs reflect the values, energy and aesthetic of its location is core to Bumgardner’s approach. Each project is unique to its site and fits so well in its surrounding neighborhood, it would be almost impossible to imagine the building anywhere else.

We believe that every project provides opportunities for connection at a variety of levels. We want every building we design to work for all users: our clients, the tenants, the neighbors and the community at large.