Tankard & Tun

Seattle, WA

In 1994, Bumgardner began working with the Pike Brewing Company to place a brewery and brew pub in a three-story former theater space that stretched from Post Alley to First Avenue. Pike Brewing Company and The Pike Pub opened in 1996.

The hard to find location became a highly sought out destination, and the opportunity arose in 2016 to gain presence on First Avenue and expand above The Pike Pub on the First Avenue floor of the building.

Again, the Pike Brewing Company and Bumgardner are expanding the three story Brewery and Pub into a four story destination, adding a new restaurant and expanding the brewing facility.

The new restaurant includes an indoor Brew Deck (under a skylight) with views of the brewing equipment, new fermentation cellar and the pub below.

Construction began in January of 2017 and Tankard & Tun opened in summer of 2017.