Bumgardner Office

Seattle, WA

The second floor of the historic Metropolitan Press Co. building in the heart of Belltown has been our home since 2003.

In 2009, we remodeled our loft studio to remove all physical barriers to open communication, team collaboration, and daylight. All studio elements above seated eye height were eliminated, allowing access to light and outlook for all staff and guests.

Our clients, our consultants, and our contractors are our collaborators and they are part of our studio. The conference rooms also have no walls and, with the Wi-Fi lounge, are part of the studio. The coffers of the exposed beams provide natural acoustical separation, augmented by the studio sound system. The main conference table is the office ping pong table.

The only rooms with walls are the bathrooms, kitchen, and storage, hidden in a black box nestled within the white box of the raw space.