Brittney CookProject Manager

Goals as a human being

  • Touch architecture in 20 different countries (14 more to go!)
  • Become a published author
  • Live in Kyoto for one year
  • Design and construct housing for all income levels
  • Join the Peace Corps

Badges of honor

  • B. Arch from the University of Oklahoma
  • Minors in Construction Science and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment
  • Completed multi-family and mixed-use projects in 5 states
  • Member of Architects Without Borders – Seattle

Quirks of personality

  • Has done back flips off a plane before freefalling
  • Constantly daydreaming about the next plot twist
  • Considers her pets her children and refers to them as such, even in the company of strangers
  • Can get lost anywhere but prefers it be in translation